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What's the most Powerful Form of Online Marketing today?

  That's right, Video Marketing.

Why do most people fail at video marketing?

  • Well, for one, it's a lot of work. First you need a good video, of course... 
  • You need to have the right marketing text with the video
  • and make sure it has the right links for your business when you post it...
  • then you have to get eyes on the video and hopefully...
  • get someone to take action, such as buying your product or clicking over to your website
and most people are finding their videos ranking at the bottom (or not ranking at all)

But if you get your videos ranking at the top for lots of long tail keywords...
the rewards can be amazing in terms of traffic, leads, opt-ins and sales.

It can really improve your bottom line drastically if you have a converting video campaign.

We've been doing a lot of experimenting with video marketing just this last year and we've had some great results!

Here's a screenshot from a stats display from one of my "dead" websites... To be honest, I was wondering for months and months why there wasn't any traffic coming to this site. So I did a keyword overhaul and ran a video campaign with my new software plus some "secret sauce", and now I've got lots of traffic and it's resulting in lots of opt-ins to that site.

Here's another site where the traffic was negligible but after setting up a ReLOADz campaign with my new system plus the secret sauce, we've really ramped up the traffic.

We're actually able to dominate the search results with the strategy from as you can see from this screen shot

Having traffic like this coming to your websites results in increased opt-ins and sales.

Just to show you I'm not jiving here's a couple of screen shots from my email optins and my Paypal account. (Sensitive information redacted)
And all this traffic definitely leads to sales. During a case study on getting new customers, I got this in my support desk --

If that's not proof that this is increasing my bottom line, I don't know what is.

My secret system is literally driving new opt-ins and sales while I sleep.

I'm not talking about some kind of loophole that makes you a millionaire overnight - this is called Video Marketing. It's something that can be easily done by anyone, with the right tools and the right strategy.

If you want to know what I've got going for me that allows me to do this more or less on auto-pilot, it's with my (SUPER-SECRET SHHH) system -- which I've been using since the beginning of the year, and developing since 2014.

is truly a set-and-forget solution that can push out video campaigns and drive traffic and sales to your websites and literally any on-line property and in fact, any OFFLINE business as well - on autopilot.

Would you like to get your hands on something like this so you can do the same? Well then...

 Read on, because this is your opportunity to corner your market.

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Hey guys it's Hugh here from Web Dimensions, Inc. and you know I've been a software engineer and internet marketer for a long time now. And I've been building Internet marketing software for the last five years with thousands of happy users of my software.

What I do is I create powerful tools that help you get an edge on your marketing. I've helped a lot of people increase their business and their bottom lines with both my software and my training and coaching.

I've done some huge software launches in the past, and definitely flipping software for fast cash is a sure fire way to make a lot of income when you've got a lot of affiliates on board. And there are a lot of people out there doing it, including some big names. But...

I feel that a lot of the software out there for sale now doesn't really make it easier to do any actual marketing with it after after buying it --

I feel like saying, "Where's the Beef?" about a lot of the tools that I've bought lately.

Because there always seems to be some obstruction between me running the software and actually making money with it.

Which is kind of strange because I can actually make money without using all those bright shiny objects and I have my own ways.
So I decided to get off the rat race and just work a system that makes me money without all of that

and I've come up with an AMAZING new system to share with you...

It's something that I honestly don't want to expose on the launch circuit for mass consumption...

that's a paradigm that, frankly, I don't think fits with my business model right now.

I may never launch MY secret --

because I know that mass exposure of my new tool is not going to help me or you.

So I'm not publicizing this offer to everyone --

you should consider yourself "Elite" if you are even seeing this page.

My new marketing system is the culmination of all of the other systems I've built over the last five years.

Does it work to make me money? Yes it most definitely does as you can see from the proof I've posted above.

The fact is, we all know that video marketing works - and together with other kinds of marketing it can be the cornerstone of a very lucrative business.

With Video Marketing, You Can EASILY:

  • Drive Ecommerce Sales
  • Sell Software & Digital Products
  • Corner Offline Markets and Local Businesses
  • Sell Coaching with video
  • Drive Traffic to High Ticket Offers
  • Launch-Jacking
  • Fill up your niche with long-tail keyword videos and DOMINATE.
There's no question that a vibrant video campaign can help your business in all of these ways. But

as far as I know there isn't any software on the market that helps you do your video marketing in the intelligent way that my new system does...

I mean in a way that reaches the most amount of viewers and converts them to customers.

That's why I developed MY new system.

Because what I wanted to do was to make it easier to get to my money-making goal -- just to get my meat & potatoes marketing campaigns out there and

stop playing around with shiny objects and loopholes and learning new (defective) software and entering the same account info again and again,

just to try to capitalize off some gimmick that some "genius" came up with -- and always ending up with the same lame result.

Obviously it's a huge waste of money, not just for the lame-ass tool but also the time I've spent to learn and figure out what the heck it's supposed to do, and then finding out that the results aren't quite as stellar as were shown in the sales video.

So after wasting all that time - and we agree that time is money -- I'm again back to doing the same things I always do that ACTUALLY make me money without the bright shiny object. Like creating and posting videos that get my messages out to lots of people --

And that's the magic that I've programmed into my new system. It does my actual effective work and makes money for me on auto-pilot.
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If I have to spend my day cobbling together videos or copying and pasting account details and keywords or even just having my machine grinding to render my videos, then that really takes time away from the things that ACTUALLY make me money like planning out new marketing campaigns or producing new products and funnels.

I'm talking about the menial tasks I do that actually bring real income - like video marketing by hand where I create the video and post it - sometimes again and again and on different accounts - to make sure enough people see the videos.

Then when the videos are posted I want to go and make sure I can embed the video on my website - or more than one website even -- and bring people to that page.

These are all things that have to be done for an effective video marketing campaign - and if you're doing it all by hand it can be extremely time consuming -- even if you've got a strategy.

For instance, have you ever spent hours working on a video in Camtasia only to have the program crash?

it does happen -- more often than I would like --

you can end up wasting entire afternoons.

What about using the latest video creator software that just launched? There are some nice ones... new ones all the time.
Works with all major video software brands
But even those great tools have their drawbacks and they can end up becoming huge time consumers.

And time is money like we said.

Then again you could hire someone to make videos and someone else to post them for you

but we all know that can get really expensive --

but you gotta do what you gotta do to get a good video out there though. Right?

But while getting yourself a good video is super important - it's actually just the first part of the workload.

Because then you have to worry about
  • Uploading the Video...
  • Making Sure it has the Right Text With it...
  • Copying The Link to the Video once it's Uploaded...
  • Posting the Link on Facebook
  • Whatever Else You're going to Do to Share that Video

-- it can be a lot of work.

And if you have multiple video accounts like Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, you're uploading it again... and again... and making sure the text is correct each time and so forth. And then -- now that you've got that video created, uploaded and distributed --

you've got to do another video after that, because you need to continually post fresh content if you're going to keep up with the competition.

So there you are, creating new videos and posting new videos day after day, to multiple accounts for the same video or perhaps a small variation of the original video.

And what if you want to promote multiple businesses? It just increases your workload tenfold because you'll have to do the same tasks as well, for each business or niche you want to market to.

But that's literally what you'll have to do to compete with the staggering amount of competition being uploaded daily in pretty much all niches

Just on YouTube alone there are 60 hours of video uploaded every minute. That's one full hour of video uploaded to YouTube every second!

But the benefits are enormous youtube is one of the best places to be seen with Over 800 million unique users each month and Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month

With that kind of competition I decided that I really needed a well organized system in place to make sure my business could stay in the game without me having to literally spend hours and hours every day focusing on video marketing.

I checked out a few other tools I've seen on the market -- ones with names like Movie Blaster or Spinner for Videos...

And while those may be effective for some things, they also have their drawbacks:

  • They may only be used on a Windows Desktop
  • You don't really have control of what it does.
  • They mostly create spammy videos.
  • At the end of the day they just create more work by making you upload more videos that the tool creates.

and that's just the beginning of my criticisms of those softwares. I'm sure you have your own ideas about them

So what I wanted to do is to address your marketing issues in a way that you can count on to effectively take over the workload of large parts of your marketing tasks for years to come.

Which is exactly what my new system will do for you.

Over my years of experience in internet marketing I began to understand that most of the videos that were ranking for particular niches on Youtube were actually remixed versions of videos that had already been posted one or more times.

Each time the video was posted, a different keyword was addressed in the Title of the video which resulted in that person's channel ranking and dominating for a particular niche.

As this came to light, it dawned on me how I could put together the greatest system for publishing, remixing and reposting videos that will get you great rankings in the search engines for your keywords and virtually dominate your niche - all on auto-pilot.
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My new system started out as an advanced video distribution system so you can upload once and share on multiple video channels.
But that was just the beginning. As I continued to build out the system it slowly turned into a full video marketing system with artificial intelligence built right in -
that will re-post for you any single video, over and over again -- completely remixed, with additional content -- and on a loose schedule, optimizing for keyword after keyword - on auto-pilot... until you DOMINATE for all the long tail keywords in the search results.

Combined with a few other simple techniques this is a recipe for page one rankings.
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The result has been that my opt-ins and sales have blown up with this system and now I'm ready to share it with you.

So after years of building individual softwares for curation and video and social marketing,

I started building my NEW video and marketing platform from the ground up --

A well-planned system that handles many of these problems at the same time...

"Intelligent" Video Marketing

The First Intelligent Video Marketing Suite that You Control (with just a few clicks)!

integrates with my larger back end system I call theWorkz that now supports all my cloud-based software tools --

so you can enter your account data just one time --

save your business info one time and the software uses it again and again to create content.

It's designed for you to have multiple niches as well - you can design your distribution profiles all going to different video channels simultaneously.

So you get your one great video, and upload it one time quickly to

Then does the heavy lifting of distributing your video to ALL of your public channels --

ensuring that all the correct text and links are posted with the video via our back-end system, using the information you've saved with the profile or template you've selected.

The system even siloes your video channels for you (very powerful and a real time-saver) You can even add in a Spinner key for unique text variations across the internet as we support both the Best Spinner and SpinRewriter.

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Once your video has been posted to your large video sharing website accounts, will repost those links to your social channels --

(most types of social accounts can be added to your distribution profiles)

and then will send those links to your Indexer, Onlywire or Syndwire accounts for further distribution.

But that's just the beginning -- because once your video is in the system it can be used for what we call a ReLOADz campaign -

ReLOADz automates the task of remixing your original video with new, fresh content of your choice --

It'll render a new re-mixed version of your video periodically, based on a loose schedule that you set up... and then will post and syndicate that remixed video to your pre-defined distribution channels and syndication links after rendering it.

Each ReLOADz campaign can be easily set up with a keyword strategy -- so you can literally dominate your niche in video search and even web search if done correctly.

So for example you can set a ReLOADz to grab your video and post 8 re-mixed videos of it per day all with different titles and text and different intro and outro clips and even a custom thumbnail.

Or create and post 4 new videos, each with a different keyword, then stop.

Or perhaps 6 videos per week on an ongoing basis or 1 video a month on auto-pilot --

You can easily set up any kind of schedule with just a few clicks.

You're in control, because you create the schedule you want --

whatever suits your marketing needs.

You can literally set it and forget it.

And with the optional Blogworkz module, your video posts will be automatically posted and embedded into your blogs as well.

There are a number of strategies and I'll go over them all for you inside the member area.

So to recap just what this is - I know there's a lot to absorb - you get:

  1.    UpLink
    Intelligent Video Distribution System

    • upload your video once with your pre-formatted text, links and tags
    • auto-shares to Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook accts & fanpages, Flickr
    • second tier shares to Social Accts, Indexers & Syndication networks
    • PLUS Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest shares
    • Distribute your respective videos to Multiple Profiles or Niches
    • Agency Members: Unlimited Campaigns - literally market to any business sector

  2.    ReLOADz
    Intelligent Video Marketing System

    • builds on the Uplinks section
    • Creates new videos from your existing videos on a loose schedule
    • mixes additional content into your videos to keep them different and interesting
      (while not diluting the original message)
    • Queues each new re-loaded video for distribution
    • Uploads & syndicates each video automatically just like UpLink including 2nd/3rd tier shares
    • embeds your video shares to blogs if you have the optional Blogworkz software
    • RelOADz Title-ing Tool Helps Your Multiple Videos Rank for Multiple Keywords
    • Does this whole process on a "humanized" schedule that you choose -
    • Simultaneously run multiple campaigns in multiple niches - on auto-pilot.
    • This is truly Set It & Forget It Marketing!
The more I tell you about it the more I realise what an insane value this is. So I've gone over it again and again and I've decided that for my best customers (you) I'm going to make this an incredible deal for you:

I've Pushed it Down to a Super Low One Time Payment Just for my Special Charter Members

I know that's crazy. I am not going to hold this open for long - it is absolutely insane considering the amount of resources that I have put into this on the back end to create the mainframe system - and I've been building this for almost four years now and I know exactly what it takes to run it.

So I'm only offering this one time payment option to my very best customers and my closest subscribers. I'm holding it open for just a few days and then I am taking this price DOWN and it will convert to a monthly or yearly payment or a MUCH higher one time payment.

But wait -- let me tell you about the bonuses!

If you as my valued, elite subscriber decide to join me on this adventure as a charter member for , not only will you get all the amazing tools I mentioned before --

but you will also receive the Blogworkz upgrade I discussed which allows you to embed all your videos to your selected blogs automatically as the videos are published. It works with both Uplink and all the ReLOADz videos that get pushed out as well.
PLUS: I will automatically grandfather you into two new tools I will be releasing shortly in the family:

tapvidz "CREATE" and tapvidz "PLAYAZ"

CREATE is a tool currently in beta that will easily help you automate the creation of intros, outros and any kind of SEO-Optimized video from scratch, integrated directly with your system. You can even set it to create brand new videos to be made from scratch and posted on a schedule.
PLAYAZ is a special ADVANCED video player we've been working on for some time that will help you to monetize your videos and get them seen.

So as a Charter Member you will receive:

  • UpLink Intelligent Video Distribution System
  • ReLOADz Intelligent Video Marketing System
  • CREATE Video Creator & Scheduler
  • PLAYAZ Intelligent Video Embeds
  •   blogworkz Intelligent Blogging


EXTRA BONUS: As a super special bonus I am also going to offer you a HUGE collection of recent stock images and video clips (gigabytes) that I've never distributed before for you to download and do whatever you want with, as I've been collecting some amazing PLR content and I will share all of that with you as a Charter Member. Plus it's all going to be easily accessible to your video creation station on Create.

SPECIAL BONUS: You probably already have Viral Video Curator Pro software but I'm going to give you a Developer license for that as well so you can handle your video curation in another way also if you wish.

SUPER SPECIAL BONUS: I will personally help you build out your first campaign. While it's super easy to do, just having me go through it with you will empower you to do the next one. And the next one. and so forth.

SUPER SUPER DUPER SPECIAL BONUS: I am going to be giving a monthly live call for three months for all Charter members to impart to you all my winning strategies and help you overcome any obstacles.

So do yourself a huge favor and get your Agency License today for a one time payment of just $1,497 $997 !

AGAIN: I'm only offering this one time payment option to my very best customers and my closest subscribers. I'm holding it open for just a few days and then I am taking this price DOWN and it will convert to a monthly or yearly payment or a MUCH higher one time payment.

Once Again: Here is Everything You Will Receive

  • tapvidz UpLink Intelligent Video Distribution
  • tapvidz ReLOADz Intelligent Video Marketing
  • TheWorkz Foundation Platform
  • blogworkz Module for your embeds
  • tapvidz CREATE coming soon
  • tapvidz PLAYAZ coming soon
  • 1000s of "new" HD Stock Photos & Videos
  • Viral Video Curator Pro software Developer license
  • Personal Help building out Your First Campaign
  • Monthly Live Calls
Click the button now and take advantage of this offer. I can't stress enough, I'm realizing that I must be completely out of my mind to offer this kind of a value at such a low, one-time price so if you're interested you need to take action now. This charter deal will not be offered again just due to the nature of software.
If you need further assurance here is my personal guarantee: If you decide that is not for you within 30 days, let me know -- just send an email to customer service -- and I will refund your payment in full. I do not think you will be doing that though! I built this system for me and I continue to use it day in and day out and so will you!

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You could have working for YOU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - building YOUR traffic and rankings - starting now!

REMEMBER: Every day you wait before taking action, is a day later that you'll see results!

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  • No. Channels: UNLIMITED
  • License Term: monthly subscription
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  • UpLink
  • ReLOADz
  • Blogworkz Software Add-on
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  • No. Channels: UNLIMITED
  • License Term: yearly subscription
TapVIDz Intelligent Video Marketing System Yearly Subscription

And you're going to realize what an insane deal this is -- once you see your business start to get active, your leads start to come in and your bottom line start to grow from your video marketing on auto-pilot!
This system is one of the best marketing systems ever created. With your support I will continue to build this to the stars and beyond.

It will only get better over time.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this page. Once again I urge you to take advantage of this great offer now while it's still available. I hope to see you on the inside!

To your success,

Hugh J. Hitchcock
CEO Web Dimensions, Inc.